Donated Arthroscopy Equipment to ease knee surgery OperationsBy

Japanese Ambassador to Uganda at CoRSU Hospital

Donated Arthroscopy Equipment to ease knee surgery Operations

By  Solomon Lubambula

Ugandans who suffer joint injuries are to start receiving more efficient surgical operations within the country at the Comprehensive Rehabilitation Hospital in Kisubi, courtesy of a donation by the Japanese government.

 With a US $ 67 000 donation of an Arthroscopy Equipment donated by the Japanese Embassy in Uganda, Ugandans will now be able to receive Keyhole surgery without going to Nairobi or South Africa.

The last Arthroscopy equipment at Mulago Hospital which was the only one in Uganda broke down and it has never been fixed or replaced.

The chief Executive Director Malcom Simpson says that the availability of the Arthroscopic machine will enable Comprehensive Rehabilitation Services Uganda (CoRSU) to start new surgical services that is very new in Uganda. Simpson notes that the service will help change people’s lives without a major surgery.

 Arthroscopy is a minimally invasive surgical procedure in which the examination and treatment of damage of the interior of a joint is performed using a type of very small camera on the need of a thin flexible tube that is put into the joint through a small cut and the surgeon view on a monitor screen

According to Dr. Paul Muwa an Orthopedic surgeon, unlike the tradition open surgery, with arthroscopy, the patients’ injured joint do not have be fully opened for diagnosis and treatment.

Dr.Muwa told The sunrise newspaper that with this Arthroscopy equipment, patients especially with sports injuries will recovery in a shorter time as compared with the tradition open surge.

This brings hope for people with knee injuries especially for sportsmen that usually report with such problems.  Later this year the hospital will also start using this machine to offer arthroscopic surgery for shoulder diseases.  

Dr.Muwa explains that for knee arthroscopy only two small cuts are made, one for the camera and one for the surgical instruments to be used in the knee cavity which reduces the recovery time.

He says this may increase the rate of surgical success due to less trauma to the body and also scarring, because of smaller incisions

 “we were not able to do this operation our patients would be politely send away and some of them had to go all the way to Kenya, South Africa to have this kind of operation done, so now they do have to spend so much out of the country and secondly I think the patients will happier because they will have better results, fewer smaller scars”  – Dr.Muwa

Commissioning the Equipment worth 171 million Uganda shillings, at the Comprehensive Rehabilitation Services Uganda in Kisubi, Entebbe, the Japanese Ambassador to Uganda Kazuo Minagawa pledged Japan’s continued support and the assistance for humanitarian causes.

Kauzo who seemed to be excited on commissioning the equipment, said that his first project to be implemented in the shortest time of four months will benefit people within Uganda and the region generally.

Applauding the Japanese People for such as sacrifice the Area MP Mohammed Kawuma asked the Hospital Management to show gratitude for the donation by properly maintaining the equipment.

Kawuma said that the hospital management should fairly utilize this equipment, let there be no vandalizing of the equipment because we have already requested for further assistance but how do you go for more assistance when the first support does not exist, Kawuma said.

“When you go to Japan you will find some people who are unemployed, you will find the sick, you find some health centers without such facilities  but when they choose to donate, that does not mean they are done with all their requirements so it is incumbent upon us to utilize this equipment well”-kawuma

According to the 2012/2013 CoRSU report the executive Board president Aloysius Kaganda Bakkidde explains that despite the challenges the Hospital managed to register remarkable achievements. The facility kept its promise to the children with disabilities and their families by changing their lives through surgeries, a total of 3965 surgical procedures were carried out of which 25000 were children.

The Comprehensive Rehabilitation Hospital attends to patients with joint problems, hip joint, clubfoot, Burns, cleft and limb deformities like bow legs.

Meanwhile health providers believe that private Health facilities should be able to get government support especially financial, if quality health care provision is to be guaranteed to citizens.

The Comprehensive Rehabilitation Hospital Chief Executive Officer Simpson said that the facility needs more improved medical equipments for it to offer efficient services to overwhelming demands with the country and the region.

According to statistics at the Comprehensive Rehabilitation Services Uganda, the patients with physical disabilities especially among the children are increasingly reporting for correction at this facility.

The Public Relations Manager at the Kisubi based hospital Irene Nabalamba says that after awareness creation about the medical rehabilitation services of the impaired children, the facility now operates at least 4000 children per year.

Nabalamba says that because of the increasing demands, government’s intervention to provide financial support and training of specialists would come in handy for the services. She explains that the facility that attends to the patients with the Uganda and neighboring countries, face financial challenges.

We have not received funding from government yet so we appeal to government to join us and work together so as we extend our services to all Ugandans especially children, Nabalamba said.

Nabalamba says though at CoRSU there is sufficient number of specialists to attend to patients with disability, there is a shortage of specialists in the country, there are a few Orthopedic and re-corrective surgeons, a major challenge that government must urgently respond to.


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