Residents in Luwero District have joined the rest of other areas of
the country such as Mbale and Wakiso district, to show their dismay
the Parliament of Uganda, for enacting the Public Order Management
law, which they say will grossly violate their rights if effected.
According to the residents who were interviewed by Unwanted Witness
Uganda shortly after a rally organized by Citizens’ Alliance and
political parties in conjunction with the district MP Brendah
Nabukenya at Kasana Town in Luwero revealed that they would not “obey” the law.
Samaddu Safi (32) a pineapple seller in Kasana town, says “I can not
comply with the recently passed Public Order Management law”
He justified his objection to the law when he said that “we are a
family of 32 people which means that it would require us to seek for
police permission for every preparatory meeting for my graduation
party because I have just finished my University”
“I do not support this law because even at a family level it would
require us to seek police permission to have a meeting, therefore am
also inspired to mobilize people to resist this bad law” said Zubaili
Kasana, a businessman in Kasana Town.
 Enock Ssozi a taxi driver in Wobulenzi Town in Luwero wonders whether
the Lawmakers comprehended the bill before it was passed.
When I have looked at this law, dangers overweigh the benefits
associated with the law and to me it seems majority of MPs did not
comprehend the issues deliberated in the house, just because of the
medium used that is the English language”
“That is why the constitution and other laws are deliberately not
translated from English to other local languages; people cannot
interpret the provisions and therefore they cannot understand them “he
“so I ask myself, what will happen when time comes in 2016 as the same
politician is supposed to campaign for another term in office, will
such law have any implications on his/her activities, I still ask
where do these people come from, aren’t we the ones that voted them
into office but why do they pass such draconian laws” Ssessanga who is
a politician, wondered.
“What is likely to happen to us who go out for prayers on Sundays and
those who go to the mosques on Fridays in regard to this Public Order
Management law, he added.
Fred Lutaaya a health worker helping those with children suffering
from sickle cells says that this law is “unfortunate because it will
stifle our operations as social workers and activists and it should be
Human rights activists’ take
Earlier before the main rally in Kasana, human activists Andrew
Karamaji a lawyer and human Rights activist Geoffrey Wokulira
Ssebagala who is the Chief Executive Officer of the Unwanted Witness
Uganda had took residents through the “draconian” law and its effects
in after being assented to by President Museveni.
The duo cited the provisions in this controversial passed legalization
that have grave implications on their activism and advocacy
Appreciating the group of legal experts from Kampala for enlightening
them on the dangers of the Public Order Management Law, Margaret
Ssekitoleko suggested that after understanding the problems associated
to the law, it is important to go out to sensitize the general public
especially at the village level in order for them to defy the law.
Sekitoleko says that young people should be empowered to continue the
gospel to reject the law before it is too late.
They asked Human rights activists such as Ssebaggala, to document and
expose the MPs who participated in the passage of the law, back in
their constituents because according to him, they breached the social
contract which they reached upon electing them.
“You (Activists) should help us and document all MPs who participated
in the passing this bill which is taking away our rights such that we
reject them in 2016” Said Henry Kimbowa.


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