Beware of the ills related to tourism development-Museveni warns

President Yoweri Museveni has acknowledged the need for the country to devised mechanisms to avert different ills that may come with increased tourism activities.

Marketing the country’s rich tourism sector under a safe and secure environment open to all potential tourists, the President was quick to caution stakeholders to be keen about the vices that may crop up as a result of tourism development.

Speaking ahead of viewing the solar eclipse at Owiny Primary School in Pakwach Nebbi district, Museveni said whereas the Tourism Industry contributes to the country’s economic development, there should be efforts to avert the possible problems like terrorism, poaching, Drug trafficking, Prostitution and child Labour that may come along.

“ we need to have in place monitoring mechanisms  and functions to fight these evils. Parents, schools and communities must be now more vigilant to fight these vices” -Museveni

Apologizing to the visitors that gather at Owiny Primary school for the rigorous security checks, Museveni said the terrorists and other wrong elements may disguise as tourists just to cause harm to the country.

Museveni who marketed the country’s tourism sector assured the entire World that Northern Uganda is now peaceful and tourists can safely enjoy the tourism attractions across the country.

Turning to the locals, Museveni urged Ugandans to stop depleting swamps, encroaching and cultivating in National Parks saying that the gazatted areas should be protected by all because they generate more revenues which benefit the economy.

After explaining the tourism endowments, an increased wildlife population and how Uganda has a package with different weather patterns all year round, Museveni said, “Lets preserve this beauty because it is a unique gift”

 Museveni who presided as the chief viewer of the solar Eclipse at Owiny Primary School said Ugandans should appreciate the National Parks instead of growing Malakwang (local green vegetables) in these protected areas.

“you grow Malakwang in other parts but not in the National Parks because we need the National Parks, they bring more money than we can get from these crops grown there”-Museveni .

The President said since the 2007 Commonwealth Heads of states Meeting in Kampala, more people have started to show interest in visiting Uganda. He said that there efforts to strengthen the country’s cultural and natural biodiversity because the sector contributes about 1.5 million dollars in addition to employment opportunities it offers to the young people.

The president also attributed the growing Wildlife population over the years to peace, security and reduced cases of poaching in the country.

Uganda is now regaining her position as a tourism destination on the African continent as it was in the 1950s and 60s, Museveni noted. He added that the country’s Tourism potential is evident with the number of accolades the country has received in appreciation of its tourism developments.



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