Opposition in Parliament to fight Lukwago Impeachment



The opposition in parliament is threatening to expose what it calls the ill motives behind the election of representatives of Professional bodies to Kampala Capital City Authority.

The office of the leader of Opposition in Parliament alleges that there is an illegal and rushed move to elect representatives of these bodies to the Authority to ensure its full composition in order to impeach the Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago.


The allegation is based on an earlier court ruling (in the case of lord Mayor’s petition against the legality of the Tribunal set to investigate him) that even if the Tribunal found the Lord Mayor guilty the City Authority could not impeach the Lord Mayor because it was not fully constituted.


Reading the statement on behalf of the Leader of Opposition, the shadow Information Minister Ssemujju Ibrahim Nganda said that the Electoral Commission is not following the procedures of nominating the candidates and their eventual election.


The Kyadondo East MP Ssemujju said that the said elections are being organized behind the backs of the members of these institutions. he adds that the institutions are not fully party to the procedures of the elections.


“the said elections is in bad faith as it contravenes all known legal procedures in Uganda. Time allowed for individuals especially civil servants with interests to run in the elections is insufficient since the law requires them to resign their offices at least 30 days before nominations. It is so muddled up that nominations, campaigns and polling will take place on the same day”


Meanwhile Nganda noted that the opposition is to engage the relevant bodies, public and the diplomatic society to highlight the irregularities and the bad motive of what he calls the Museveni Machinations.


Nganda explains that the opposition will hold several rallies, meetings and workshops to engage with court of public opinion about the matters in Kampala.


We hereby put all those persons who continue to engage in business with KCCA to reconsider it immediately lest they lose out tomorrow-said Ssemujju.


Justice Bamugemereire on Spot


In what seemed to be a fight on behalf of Lukwago, the Shadow Minister for Local government Betty Nambooze tasked lady justice Catherine Bamugemererire and the entire Judiciary to clarify on the allegations that she connived with statehouse to shelve her report.


She revealed that It is  alleged that the report of the Tribunal investigating the Lord Mayor which was long finished had be shelved indefinitely awaiting the full constitution of the authority to impeach the Lord Mayor Lukwago.




Nambooze said it would be unfortunate for the lady justice to be compromised to that level yet the judiciary would be the only place for Ugandans to run for justice.


The outspoken Mukono Municipality MP asked the lady Justice who presided over the Tribunal to release the report or come out and clear her name.


She further said that “we shall not wait for lady justice Bamugemererire to send us to Luzira to be hanged before we get up to say something against her”


“my lord if it’s true you have already written the report about KCCA and you have chosen to keep quiet about it, trying to give time to these people to constitute KCCA and impeach Lukwago then my Lord you have betrayed the judiciary, you have betrayed this country, ….it’s very bad for a judge of a caliber of justice Bamugemererire to be part of this fraud, it’s too bad”-Nambooze


Bribery accusations


Meanwhile the Kalungu MP Joseph Ssewungu also accused the KCCA Executive Director Jennifer Musisi of using bribes to attain her major aim of impeaching the Lord Mayor.


Ssewungu calls for an investigation into the conduct of the KCCA executive director in order to save the taxpayers’ money being misused in bribery incidents.


“Madam musisi is KCCA is using taxpayer’s money to bribe whatever she wants to go through, the issue of professional bodies she is using money…..this lady is using money to manipulate each and everything, even Electoral Commission stand warned, if they are being manipulated by money we shall discover that” the angry Ssewungu





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