Opposition threaten to torch city over Lukwago impeachment



A section of opposition legislators have threatened that they would cause havoc in the country’s capital Kampala if the Museveni regime go ahead to remove the people’s elected leader the lord Mayor Erias Lukwago.

The threats comes amid rumors of a planned impeachment of the lord mayor based on a leaked report by the 3 man- tribunal headed by justice Catherine Bamugemeire which is pending the official release.

While addressing a rally organized by Rubaga North MP Moses Kasibante at Nankulabye Market last Saturday, opposition who were put under tight security from Police deployment under the command of Samuel Omara, warned that if the executive goes ahead with their sinister moves to remove the Lord Mayor from the City Hall office, they will not just look on but to put a spirited fight against this.

Mukono Municipality MP Betty Nambooze who is also the shadow Minister for local government says the people of Kampala should embrace the struggle to defend Erias Lukwago because the battle by KCCA executive Director Jennifier Musisi and a few councilors is directed to them who voted for Lukwago. Nambooze warned the people who turned up in Nakulabye that they will be to blame when they let the Executive and a few individuals to impeach Lukwago.

She added that the residents of Kampala and those who operate in the city should be ready for any consequences thereafter Lukwago’s impeachment.

However she quickly encouraged them to wake up and exercise their powers as guaranteed to them by the constitution to defend their elected leaders.

Despite Omara’s presence who occasionally took video recordings using his mobile phone, Nambooze threatened that if the executive dares to remove Lukwago, the city will be burnt down.

“It only takes one match box to burn down this city, if Lukwago is impeached”-Nambooze.

Nambooze further called on the proprietor of Hotel Africana Haji Brahim Muwanga Kibirige, not to host the electoral commission and whoever will be conducting the electoral process of the councilors for professional bodies. According to Nambooze these elections are aimed at fully constituting the Kampala Capital City Authority an act that would facilitate Lukwago’s impeachment.

So it is upon this note that Nambooze asked BMK as the proprietor of host hotel not to be “swayed way by Money” because Ugandan are watching every one “contributing to Lukwago’s impeachment” she said.

The Kyadondo East MP Ibrahim Ssemujju who started by asking the people to isolate and never welcome people like Omara in their midst because of what he called “atrocities inflicted on the innocent Ugandans” said the opposition is to step up its efforts to block the illegal election of the councilors for professional bodies.

“Every one of you should contribute to this struggle by doing whatever is in their powers instead of the battle leaving it to them (opposition politicians) and a few other activists” Said Ssemujju.

Ssemujju stated that the election of these councilors is being conducted in bad faith, just to play one role of impeaching the Lord Mayor.

“The day we will lose hope that is when we will be defeated as a people. So we should be charged every day that passes if we are to desist the oppressive rule of President Museveni”-Ssemujju added.

Responding to the President’s statements while opening the newly constructed Wandegeya Market recently, the Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago vowed not to apologize to President Museveni for him to retain is Lord Mayorship position.

Also using a Market place at Nakulabye just the President, Lukwago said that he was not ready to be compromised to retain his position at the expense of the people’s plight.

Lukwago asked if President Museveni is in State House courtesy of the people’s mandate, then why is he disrespecting the people’s voices that voted for him as the capital city Lord Mayor.

He further asked the congregation whether he had wronged them(as people of Kampala) in anyway, and in response the hundreds of people that had gathered shouted a big “No”, Lukwago further posed another question directed to President Museveni as to why should he go out yet the people of Kampala who voted for him are still with him.

Speaking emotionally, Lukwago stressed that he is determine to fight against oppression of the ordinary city dwellers under the guise of development.

Lukwago said though he is not necessarily against genuine development, it should be executed with fairness to the people who are the beneficiaries. He further explained to the crowds that the executive and a few councilors embarked on this impeachment plan, just because he has refused to be part of the group that is plundering this city and the country at large.

Lukwago stressed that he is being political witch-hunted because he remains at the major stabling block to this theft at the city hall. He says he is always tasking the KCCA executive director and other to account for the tax payers’ money.

The Lord Mayor said, “That is why there is no case of misappropriation of funds put against me”



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