Kampala Lord Mayor finally thrown out amid legal confusion



Kampala Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago has been voted out of office despite a court order stopping the exercise.

The motion to vote the Lord Mayor out of his seat was moved by Councilor Sserwamba Baker during a meeting that was chaired by the Minister in charge of Kampala Frank Tumwebaze at city hall this morning. 

The motion was supported by 29 councilors and opposed by only 3 councilors.  The Councilors who opposed the motion included Shifrah Lukwago, Deputy Lord Mayor Sulaiman Kidandala and Aidah Nakuya(NRM). 

Shortly after the vote, Minister Frank Tumwebaze declared the office of the Lord Mayor vacant. Earlier on Lukwago’s lawyers were barred by police from accessing City Hall to serve the meeting with the court order stopping his impeachment. This morning, Lukwago’s lawyers led by Caleb Alaka and Medard Ssegona secured a court injunction stopping the authority from impeaching the Lord Mayor

The emotionally broken Councilor Shifrah Lukwago explains how the meeting disregarded the court order and went ahead with the impeachment process.

Kampala Central MP Muhammed Nsereko says this was expected, describing the process as a pure breakdown of the rule of law that calls for alternative actions by Ugandans to restore democracy.

“if a court order was served on to the minister and he disregard it…..but if the rule of law has broken down then another option will have to been taken up, it’s an issue of the voter, it’s an issue of insulting the democratic process.”

A section of Members of Parliament expressed dismay over the news of Lukawgo’s impeachment saying the action undermines the democratic principles Uganda has been trying to propagate.

This morning in a special sitting chaired by the Minister in charge of Kampala, KCCA councilors voted Lukwago out of Office based on the recently released tribunal report that found the mayor guilty of incompetence among other charges.

The Opposition chief whip in Parliament Winnie Kiiza says that today’s action of impeaching the Lord Mayor should be an indicator to all Ugandans that the Museveni regime does not uphold the constitutional and other tenets of democracy.

“what has happened today and what is happening in Kampala is just the climax so that everybody can see that Museveni is a complete dictator, Article one of the construction gives power to the people, this is an attack on human beings, this is an attack on the fundamental rights of those who voted Lukwago….you have been told openly that you do not matter in Museveni’s government”.

The Forum for Democratic Change and also Serere District Woman MP Alice Alaso described the impeachment of Lukwago as a treasonable act that Ugandans ought to challenge.

“this is a treasonable and the constitutional order has been overthrown in this country….. with no respect to any process, not process from the judiciary, Not reason, respect to Uganda aspirations so this is treasonable act , so the ball is back to the court of Ugandans, Ugandan have to raise up and defend that 1995 constitution”.

Meanwhile the Minister promised to report back to the Authority on the way forward now that the office of the Lord Mayor is vacant. Now no one can determine the next cause of action by the people of Kampala especially those who had given Lukwago the mandate in the previous election.



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