Lukwago’s plan C:  a yardstick to Human rights and Rule of law in Uganda

Since November 2013, the embattled Kampala Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago is going through turbulent moments in his bid to defend his political office which he ‘lost’ after councilors royal to ruling NRM successfully censured him despite a court order which had been issued by the High court to stay the exercise pending its ruling on the petition he lodged before it.

Lukwago and a group of politicians particularly subscribers to the opposition and a section of Kampala dwellers have since refused to accept that Lukwago lost his seat, maintaining that he is still the valid elected lord mayor though the authorities at the KCCA have adamantly refused to succumb to the overwhelming pressure from Lukwago’s camp.

The embattled Mayor has attempted to participate in many meetings, which would subsequently culminate into his rein station to his office, but all have been blocked by Police on justifications that he is no longer the lord Mayor, thus have no any capacity to organize stake holders’ meeting as the Kampala Lord Mayor.

After being frustrated twice by the authorities to convene consultative meetings over the administration of Kampala City in a bid to resolve the impasse in Uganda’s Capital, Lukwago is not done as he decided to mobilize the people of Kampala to organize a strictly peaceful procession, one would brand plan C, which is expected to get him back to his office at the city hall, tomorrow.

Speaking to media from his Wakaliga-based home, a visibly disgruntled Lukwago said he will arm himself with the High court order, and match to the city hall.

He says that court order is the only “weapon” and the “Shield”, calling on all his supporters, to desist from lifting harmful weapons such as stones.  

“We shall go with our court order we are processing a number of copies and we are telling whoever is going to accompany us please do not pick any weapon not a stick, not a stone, not anything” he said.

“This is our weapon (Court Order), we have a court order which has not been challenged as we are moving we are telling Mr. Kayihura, it is a battle of a barrel of a gun versus the court order and I want to assure you that you may look at this as a mere piece of paper but its mightier that a gun” Lukwago added.

The Court order issued by the 28th of November last year, which has become a powerful Lukwago’s tool, declared all the activities that accumulated into his impeachment as null and void.

A renowned adamant Lukwago, added that he did not leave any stone unturned as he told press that he fulfilled the requirements of the obnoxious Public Order Management act.

“I have painfully fulfilled the requirements of the Public Order Management Act for the planned meetings because I don’t want police to find any excuse”.

He thus explained that, he served the Attorney General, the Inspector General of Police and all the other agents of the Attorney General with the Court Order and he only expect them, to comply with the directives of the courts of law, come Tuesday.

So what does Lukwago’s plan C means in regards to the observance of human rights?

This latest arrangement by Lukwago will have a lot to tell about the observance of human rights by the Museveni administration in Kampala.

In fact, it is a bigger test to determine whether a police force commanded by General Kale Kayihura who is a lawyer by profession will have to confront the elected lord mayor who is peacefully matching with his supporters waving court orders.

Theoretically, Uganda is a human rights observant nation, and ratified a number of International declarations on top of having a fully fledged Human rights Commission.

The Constitution of Uganda alone, envisage for the right to assembly and the freedom of expression, including the famous article one of the constitution that categorically states that power belongs to the people.

Actually, the police in Uganda, is meant to, maintain law and order, which includes offering assistance in implementing court orders but the million dollar question is, shall we see the Inspector General of Police who is also a professional lawyer complying to this court Order that has been undermined by the politicians or he will also side with the ruling NRM to suppress the opposition politician?


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